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Review: Scared: Ten Tales of Horror by Rayne Hall

Scared: Ten Tales of Horror - Rayne Hall, Deborah J. Ross, Jonathan Broughton, Karen Heard, Pamela Turner, Liv Rancourt, William Meikle, Tracie McBride, Grayson Bray Morris, Donna Johnson, Rayne Wheeler, Deborah Wheeler

The book is a compilation of ten different stories. My favourites were Death comes for Maggie McDaniel by Grayson Bray Morris which had an unexpected and doleful ending; and Druid Stones by Rayne Hall for it tells how individuals scruple to help strangers. The most weird or rather funny was Creatures of the night by William Meikle; though the ending was bizarre I did think protagonist deserved it. Rather than saying scared or horrifying the stories were creepy and sometimes werid. Some of them seemed incomplete and not apt to the theme of the book.